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If you’re a seasoned writer who has been crippled by writers’ block or an aspiring writer who has failed to launch because your stories are trapped in a well of silence, then this book is for you.

Are you yearning to leave a legacy?

With time as our relentless companion, the time is now to seize the present moment. You can etch your message into history, much like a message in a bottle carried through the ages.

In “Time in a Bottle: Writing Your Legacy,” author and transformational thought leader and publisher, Kim Vermaak, known as the Mindset Whisperer, reveals the secret to leaving an indelible mark on the world using your knowledge capital as a leader.

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Kim is such a professional and has coached and helped me publish my book Song of the Sandman. Her deep knowledge of the Amazon book publishing platform helped me rank immediately and her speaking skills were invaluable at my 1st public book launch. I can highly recommend her to anyone in the world who has a passion to publish. She works virtually or in person and has an amazing course and books of her own. Keep winning Kim

– David Sand: Performance Improvement Leader |International Keynote Speaker |Author of Song of the Sandman

Some of the Books We Have Worked On

Don't let your dreams die with you...

Do you have a dream of writing and leaving a legacy?

Do you have a book idea but really don’t know where to get started? Perhaps you have spent years building your experience and now you have heard that writing a book is a must do to elevate your brand.

Yes, you may have a book inside you. But how do you get started? What are the best book writing strategies for beginners? You may even have googled “Tips for novice writers to write a book,” but you still have those nagging doubts. Doubts like, Will my writing be good enough? What if I fail? Crafting a successful book for new writers is a daunting task. 

I have felt that pain of indecision. The crippling effects of those inner voices that stop you from getting started or even finishing your book. 

We work with new authors to help them cut through all the clutter and create a clear marking plan to help them grow and find their super fans, so that they can reach their dream of being a full-time writer.

Its hard to grow an author career ...

When you are the only one who has the vision...

Kim Vermaak is a author publisher and coach

Hello, I am Kim Vermaak, the Mindset Whisperer

A marketing specialist turned author, publisher and coach.

and just for fun a speaker


I believe that your life experience has the power to transform the hearts and minds of others, and I am here to support you in creating your vision for your book.

I also understand those little voices that live inside your head. The ones that try to stop you from taking action to move your knowledge into a book that will form part of your lasting legacy.


A sterling job done at my book launch

I want to express a heartfelt thank you to Kim Vermaak for the sterling job done at my book launch. I highly recommend her services.

Being a first-time author hosting a book launch is very exciting but can also be a daunting task considering all the finer details & bringing everything together. Thanks to the expertise of Kim Vermaak, the Mindset Whisperer, author, publisher and speaker, my event was everything I dreamed it would be!

Kim exhibited a sauve & eloquence that captivated our audience with her masterful interview questions, subtly presenting a wonderful sense of humour and elegance. Attention to detail is an understatement. Everything she does is with excellence and she prides herself on ensuring she meets the client’s expectations. Kim definitely went beyond my expectations.

It takes someone with great experience and talent to be able to bring out the best in an author’s book and Kim did just that!
Thank you, Kim, for an exceptional book launch. You are amazing!

Amanda Naicker

Founder of Heaven's Roar Prophetic Ministries
Evadeen Brickwood

An essential part of the self publishing journey

While I realised that marketing is an essential part of the self publishing journey, getting down to it can seem so overwhelming that you end up doing nothing. That’s why I am so grateful to Kim from Write Learn and Earn. She is an author with a heart for authors and the patience to guide you through it. She has a wealth of knowledge about Amazon, website and other book marketing tools, and I am on my way.

Evadeen Brickwood


Extremely professional and helpful

I did not know where to start with Amazon. But Write Learn and Earn got my KDP account opened quick and completed my ebook and paperback typesetting in time for my deadline. I found them to be extremely professional and helpful. I was distracted by a personal issue during this project. I was not focused on the book and felt overwhelmed. She went above and beyond the service I employed her for helping me successfully publish my book on Amazon. I highly recommend the services of Write Learn and Earn and will be using the services again soon.
Warm regards

Natalie Abrahams


Just fantastic!

I can recommend Kim 110%! She designed my website beautifully and was very patient and professional. Just fantastic!

Hamilton Wende

Writer, Producer, Journalist

I somehow magically just look better

I always used pics I’d taken myself as PR pics. The difference in quality between those and the ones Hush took is indescribable! Not only do I somehow magically just look better, but the colours are brighter and sharper, and they have a far more professional feel. As authors, we think so much about marketing our books; we forget about marketing ourselves.

Jolene Raison


Professional and open process

What Kim was able to offer me in terms of insight, price with her experience in understanding the needs of authors was outstanding. Kim is not only creative, but she takes on your views and comments willingly and it’s a professional open process.

Bruce N Cuttman

Horror Author

Such an asset to my clients

I have recommended Kim to a number of my author clients to help them with their marketing on Amazon, and generally. She’s such an asset to them … moving them up in the rankings, getting more of their books sold and keeping them on track (she project manages them too). If you’re looking for someone in your corner that will help you get your books seen and bought on Amazon, go to her.

Jacques de Villiers

Author, Legacy and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Awesome book coach for my marketing

Kim assisted me with super insightful and effective book marketing strategies. To be very honest, my first book failed on Amazon. I had amazing mentors when it came to writing, and publishing, but no so when it came to marketing. I will soon launch a revised edition of my first book and I will be applying what I’ve learned from this awesome book coach for my marketing. I highly recommend her. She is bursting with book-related knowledge.

Juan de Beer Odendal

Author and Systemic and Family Constellations Therapist

Does passion really pay the rent?

I started writing in 2018. Although I was working long hours to build my writing career, I was alone in my dream.  Some of my friends and even family treated my writing as a hobby that was robbing my family of my working hours when I was supposed to produce an income.

I launched my book, and the sales were virtually non-existent.  But I kept on going. A well-meaning friend was listening to me carry on about my books and my vision and she said, “Kim, I really hope that your passion is paying the rent.” It devastated me.

Then I remembered all the entrepreneurial training I had received. An average business takes five years of dedication to be profitable. I vowed I would keep up with my dedication until I had turned my writing into a passive income producing machine that would take care of all my family’s needs.

I am so glad that I did because after the first lock down was announced; it forced me to live off my book income,

It was then that it really hit home. I had made the correct decision.

Being an author is not a hobby. It is a business, and it is my passion to teach authors how to thrive in that business.



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